1. Black Relationships/Marriage

    • There are roughly 1.4 million black women now in college, compared to just 900,000 black men.
    • More than two million men are now imprisoned in the U.S., and roughly 40% of them are African-American. At any given time, more than 10% of black men in their 20s or 30s—prime marrying ages—are in jail or prison.
    • many black women remain unmarried because they think they have too few options, some black men stay single because they think they have so many.
    • Even as divorce rates have declined for most groups during the past few decades, more than half of black marriages dissolve.
    • Only about 1 in 20 black women are interracially married.
    • Black women lead by far the most segregated intimate lives of any minority group in the U.S.
    • They broke up because she couldn’t imagine having children with him. “I wanted chocolate babies,”

    I`ve had these conversations multiple times with black women who won`t “cross the color line” I can respect their reasons but I would never halt my happiness for “chocolate babies”

    (Source: The Wall Street Journal)

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